Welcome to the Auckland University Students’ Association

The Auckland University Students’ Association was formed in 1891. Since then, AUSA has been committed to representing and advocating for students at the University of Auckland as well as providing an extensive range of services for the wider student community. AUSA is run by students for students. We’re here to help you to get on with why you’re really at University.

AUSA is a voluntary association. It is completely free to join. Those who choose to join receive access to a wide range of benefits which help in both academic life and life in general. You can join AUSA by signing up at our membership stall in front of AUSA House (4 Alfred St – the villa opposite the General Library) during O-Week or Re-O Week, or you can pop in to our reception located just inside the house and sign up there. You will receive a membership sticker on your ID that shows that you are a member for that year.

Don’t forget: you need to sign up every year!

From O’Week to End of Days, and every day between; AUSA is always there for students, and we will try our best to help students with any and every problem that they have.

With over 120 affiliated clubs, a number of events throughout the year, our independent weekly student magazine Craccum, our welfare office, advocacy system, and many other student services, events, and opportunities on offer, AUSA can offer something to every student.

AUSA owns 100% of UBS Bookshop, 95bFM Radio, and Shadows, your Student Bar – all situated on the City Campus. All proceeds are returned to providing student services on campus. Supporting these businesses supports AUSA, and supports the local economy.

Just across Alfred Street from AUSA House is our Student Advice Hub, based in Old Choral Hall. Student Advocates working at the Student Advice Hub offer a completely independent (from both the University and AUSA) and strictly confidential representation and advocacy service to all students engaged in disputes with the University and other organisations, and can offer advice about conflict resolution. Best of all, their services are completely free to all students.

Old Choral Hall also hosts AUSA’s Welfare Office, which provides members experiencing financial difficulties with access to our food and hardship grants. Every semester, in conjunction with UBS Bookshop, AUSA also provides textbook grants to students struggling to meet the costs of getting their education.

Whilst maintaining a strong day-to-day presence on campus, AUSA also offers a central focal point for all student activities and acts as the student voice within the University and in the wider community. Student representatives sit on University committees, and deliver your views to the University. AUSA also runs and manages the Class Representative system. Through these services, AUSA has you covered – if you have any complaints or concerns about the University, we can help you do something about it. The more members that we have, the more effectively we can advocate on your behalf and represent your interests.

All AUSA services are provided at no costs to students. We do not charge a membership fee, and AUSA is not subsidised by the University.

Auckland is the only University in New Zealand that does not give it’s Student Association a portion of the compulsory student services levy for the services it provides. The only revenue AUSA receives from the University is rent from AUSA areas now occupied by the University.

Instead of relying on levying students, AUSA self-sufficiently funds its advocacy, representation, and events services using our investment portfolio. AUSA’s portfolio has been accumulated since our foundation in 1891, and is professionally managed to ensure it will always allow us to support our fellow students. We are also generously supported by donations from student, alumni, companies, and the Auckland community.