Administrative Vice President (AVP)

Hours: Part time (20 hours paid by honoraria)

Key Working Relationships:

  • AUSA Executive
  • AUSA Staff
  • Events Volunteers
  • University Clubs and Events staff

SUMMARY/PURPOSE OF ROLE: The Administrative Vice President is the ‘organiser in chief’ of AUSA. They are responsible for the management of the Executive, and manage the relationship between Executive members and staff. In conjunction with the General Manager, the AVP is responsible for strategic management of staff. They are also primarily responsible for the supervision and facilitation of Executive events. In addition, the AVP is primarily responsible for the development of strong internal policies and processes within AUSA.


Events Organisation and Administration

Executive Events

  • Supervise and facilitate Executive members in the professional and responsible organization of themed weeks and other Executive events. This includes:
  • Involvement in initial event planning, providing sensible and responsible advice
  • Liaising with relevant University and Campus Life staff on submitting events plans for approval, and booking rooms and other spaces when required.
  • Providing advice and assistance throughout event budgeting process
  • Ensuring that AUSA guidelines and suggested timelines for the presentation of event plans and budgets to Clubs and Events committee and the AUSA Executive are met.
  • Maintaining oversight through the planning and implementation of Executive events
  • Ensuring that all reporting and budgeting requirements are completed once the event has finished
  • Ensure adequate Executive support is available at all AUSA events
  • Primarily responsible for the planning, budgeting, publicity and success of all AUSA General Meetings.
  • Ensure effective and comprehensive publicity of all AUSA events.

Other AUSA Events

  • Work with the AUSA Events Manager and any relevant AUSA staff and Executive to ensure the success of other ‘core’ AUSA events. These include:
    • Orientation and Re-Orientation
    • End of Daze
    • AUSA Ball

Note: Unless agreed, the AVP is not necessarily primarily responsible for the organization of these events, but should be involved in planning, budgeting and all other processes in the implementation of these events.

AUSA Policy

  • With the Chair of the Policy Committee, have responsibility for ensuring that AUSA Policy is relevant, clear and up to date, and ensure Association compliance with policy.

Executive and Volunteer Management

Executive Management

  • Primarily responsible for liaising with the AUSA Executive on all queries relating to their events and other portfolio issues.
  • Manage communication between the Executive and all stakeholders within the University, and outside of the University.
  • Manage the performance and attitudes of the Executive, including instigating disciplinary action under the instruction of the President or AUSA Officers.
  • Ensure that contact between the Executive and staff is effectively managed

Volunteer Management

  • Facilitate and lead the AUSA Events Volunteer Team
  • Actively promote growth of the Events Volunteer Team through promotion of sign ups online and at AUSA Events
  • Create and maintain a database of all active Events Volunteers
  • Create a Code of Conduct for the Events Volunteers, and ensure buy in and commitment
  • Create and manage an AUSA Events Volunteers Policy
  • Manage the relationship between Events Volunteers, Executive and Staff, ensuring that Volunteers are fairly treated and effectively utilised
  • Ensure that AUSA Volunteers are regularly engaged in all aspects of the events process, and are motivated through rewards and incentives

Staff Management

  • Work with the General Manager to create processes to ensure that AUSA Staff are effectively managed
  • Manage communication between staff and Executive
  • Ensure that the direction of staff aligns with the AUSA Strategic Plan
  • Be actively involved in staff performance review processes, and represent AUSA with the General Manager and President in union negotiations
  • Work with the General Manager on any staff performance management and disciplinary processes
  • Maintain and regularly update a staff leave calendar and inform the Officers of upcoming staff absences


University Reporting

  • Set and enforce reporting deadlines for the Summer School and Semester One and Two reports.
  • Collate reports into draft form and send to the President for final production

Executive Reporting

  • Ensure that all Executive reporting is of a high standard, meets deadlines and are passed in Executive meetings
  • Create a system of Executive work and hours reporting and ensure that this system is followed by Executive members

General Executive duties

  • Contribute to AUSA decision making, both using good governance techniques and representing the perspective and opinions of women students
  • Provide advice and support regarding education issues to the AUSA Executive
  • If desired, collaborate with other Executive members to organise education-oriented events during the year or in conjunction with other Executive ‘weeks’
  • Attend and contribute to weekly AUSA Executive meetings
  • Provide support and assistance for other AUSA Executive members during their events and other initiatives
  • Report on progress on a fortnightly basis