International Students Officer (ISO)

Hours: 10 hours (voluntary, but eligible for performance based-bonus)

Key Working Relationships:

  • AUSA Officers
  • AUSA Executive
  • University International Office
  • International Student Clubs and Associations

SUMMARY/PURPOSE OF ROLE:  The International Students’ Officer is responsible to the Executive for matters concerning international students. They ensure that international students have a voice on campus, representing their constituency to AUSA and to the University. They also work to make campus a better place for international students, hosting events and distributing information targeted at international students. The international students officer has to be either an international student, or to have lived in a country outside New Zealand immediately before enrolling at Auckland University.


International Student Advocacy

  • Advocate on key issues for international students through:
    • Actively contacting and engaging with international students and organisations to develop understanding of broad issues
    • Reporting on issues to the AUSA Executive and designing campaigns based on them
    • Working with the AUSA Executive, the International Office and any other relevant stakeholders to enact initiatives to create change

Contacts and Relationships

  • Build and maintain a network of relationships with:
    • International Student clubs and societies
    • International Office and Equity Office Staff
    • Any relevant organisations in Auckland or New Zealand who may wish to collaborate with AUSA on international student issues
    • The student representative on the International Committee
  • Ensure that these contacts are appropriately maintained and filed for successive ISOs

Events and Initiatives

  • With the Culture and Arts Office, plan and implement ‘AUSA Cultural Week’
  • Collaborate with other AUSA portfolios to organise events based on international students in other themed ‘weeks’

General Executive duties

  • Contribute to AUSA decision making, both using good governance techniques and representing the perspective of international students
  • Attend and contribute to weekly AUSA Executive meetings
  • Provide support and assistance for other AUSA Executive members during their events and other initiatives
  • Report on progress on a fortnightly basis

Reporting Duties

  • Create and speak to the following reports for the AUSA Executive
  • An Annual Plan, which includes all planned events, projects, key contacts and other goals for the year
  • A Semester One Report, tracking progress against the Annual Plan and analysing success
  • An Annual Report, tracking progress throughout the year and reflecting on success
  • A transition document, containing all information necessary to ensure that successive ISOs are able to transition into the role smoothly and efficiently