Media Officer

Hours: 10 hours (voluntary, but eligible for performance based-bonus)

Key Working Relationships:

  • AUSA Officers
  • AUSA Executive
  • AUSA IT/Design Manager
  • AUSA Advertising Manager

SUMMARY/PURPOSE OF ROLE: The Media Officer is responsible for coordinating the Association’s media publications. This means sitting on the Craccum Administrative Board and the Media Complaints Tribunal, as well as helping to compile the Orientation Magazine, AUSA’s Craccum pages, AUSA’s online presence and AUSA press releases. Throughout the year, they play a key role in advertising and communicating AUSA’s activities and services to members.



  • With the AUSA President, co-ordinate the weekly AUSA Craccum pages and ensure that submission deadlines are met
  • With the AUSA Advertising Manager, organise the weekly Craccum Mailout
  • Conduct interviews with AUSA Executive members or any other notable people to be included in Craccum
  • Write or facilitate and edit the publication of features or columns in the AUSA Craccum pages

Media Complaints Tribunal

  • Act as Chair of the Media Complaints Tribunal. This includes:
    • Receiving enquiries and requests for Tribunal Meetings and facilitating in a professional and balanced manner
    • Convening meetings of the Tribunal, ensuring that attendance is high
    • Chairing the Tribunal meetings in an efficient, effective and balanced manner
    • Communication decisions of the Tribunal to complainants and the Craccum Administration Board

AUSA Communications

  • Where necessary, assist the AUSA Officers with AUSA Social Media
  • Assist the AUSA President in AUSA public relations, including proofreading and editing press releases
  • Actively investigate ways to improve AUSA’s communications presence and report on this to the AUSA Executive
  • Regularly communicate and engage with students about perceptions and recommendations for AUSA and its services
  • Take minutes at AUAS Executive meetings, ensuring brevity and clarity, and produce regular lists of action points for Executive members

General Executive duties

  • Contribute to AUSA decision making using good governance techniques
  • Attend and contribute to weekly AUSA Executive meetings
  • Provide support and assistance for other AUSA Executive members during their events and other initiatives
  • Report on progress on a fortnightly basis

Reporting Duties

  • Create and speak to the following reports for the AUSA Executive
  • An Annual Plan, which includes all planned events, projects, key contacts and other goals for the year
  • A Semester One Report, tracking progress against the Annual Plan and analysing success
  • An Annual Report, tracking progress throughout the year and reflecting on success
  • A transition document, containing all information necessary to ensure that successive MO’s are able to transition into the role smoothly and efficiently