The President

Hours: Full time (40 hours paid by honoraria)

Key Working Relationships:

  • Auckland University students
  • AUSA Executive
  • AUSA General Manager
  • AUSA Staff
  • AUSA Entity Boards and Staff
  • Campus Life Senior Leadership and Staff
  • University Senior Leadership

SUMMARY/PURPOSE OF ROLE: The President is elected yearly as head of AUSA. They are responsible for leading the organisation, providing direction, and ensuring the Association is managed well. Day to day, they are in charge of overseeing everything to do with AUSA, from the actions of the Executive and the events put on by AUSA, to the relationship between AUSA and University staff, and the input AUSA has to its affiliated trusts and businesses. They are also chair of Exeutive and General meetings.



  • Ensure that the Executive acts as an effective governance board:
  • Chairing Executive meetings in a way that encourages productive, effective and constructive discussion and decision making
  • Mediating any disputes that arise in Executive meetings
  • Facilitating or organising Executive training, including ‘governance essentials’
  • Ensure the productivity of the Executive through:
  • Providing direction and support for Executive members
  • Maintaining friendly working relationship with Executive members
  • Being available for discussion with Executive members
  • Fostering a friendly, positive and constructive Executive culture
  • Make weekly reports on progress to meetings of the AUSA Executive and ensure that all other reports are of a high quality
  • Ensure Executive compliance with AUSA policies and procedures
  • Where necessary, enforce appropriate disciplinary procedures
  • Generally providing leadership, setting strategic direction and acting as a source of support, guidance and unity for the Executive committee.

AUSA Staff:

  • Work with the AUSA General Manager where required on any relevant staff issues
  • Assist where required in conducting performance reviews and collective bargaining negotiations
  • Ensure the effectiveness and relevance of AUSA staff through:
  • Setting direction for recruitment of new staff, and working with the General Manager on the hiring process and appointment
  • Assisting the General Manager in any necessary reviews of the AUSA staffing structure
  • Be available for discussion and feedback with staff members
  • Attend staff meetings and reporting on Executive matters
  • Assist staff where required, while ensuring that you are not taking over
  • Maintain appropriate standards of behaviour and professionalism in all dealings with AUSA staff

AUSA Entities and Related Organisations:

  • Act as the main point of contact for all AUSA entities, communicating Executive messages and actions to entity boards and trusts, and vice-versa
  • Ensure responsible and effective Association representation on all entity matters through acting as AUSA representative, or facilitating the appointment of other AUSA representatives to AUSA board and trusts
  • Maintain working knowledge of entity deeds and other such documents and agreements
  • Represent the concerns of AUSA and Auckland students in all related organisations, including NZUSA and Student Job Search Aotearoa

University Relationships:

  • Act as the main point of contact for all communications with senior Campus Life and University staff
  • Delegate this where appropriate (eg. the Education Vice President with committee staff)
  • Approve and monitor all Executive communication with Campus Life and University staff
  • Represent AUSA at meetings and negotiations with Campus Life and University staff
  • Ensure that all decisions and transactions made with Campus Life and University staff are in the interests of the Association and of students, and ensure that all dealings are openly and truthfully reported to the AUSA Executive
  • Strive for positive and collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders, and represent AUSA well in all dealings
  • As the Student Representative on the University of Auckland Council, represent the views, perspectives and concerns of University of Auckland students openly and in good faith.
  • Ensure a positive and productive relationship with other members of the University Council, and represent AUSA and students well in all dealings

Representation of Association:

  • Act as the primary representative of the Association for media requests, interviews and other requests, invitations or other regarding AUSA representation, or delegate this responsibility to an appropriate Executive or staff member
  • Lead or assist in the implementation of campaigns and other initiative designed around issues of interest or importance to students, and represent AUSA at these


  • Recognise ultimate responsibility for AUSA, and intervene or take on management of matters when appropriate
  • Continually seek to understand and build on knowledge of the history, staff structures, entities, policies, processes and procedures and all other aspects of AUSA to ensure that you can act as a knowledgeable, reliable and responsible leader of the Association, and ensure that this knowledge is passed on to successive Presidents through informative, open and robust transition processes.

Note: While this job description seeks to establish some of the core duties of the AUSA President, it does not reflect the responsibilities of the role in its entirety. Ultimately the President is responsible for the entirety of the Association – it’s inner and outer workings, staff and executive performance, policies, procedures, compliance with deeds and contracts and any other business that may be transacted. From year to year the role may shift around these core duties, so a President must be flexible and willing to take on more than what is stipulated in this Job Description.