Hours: Part time (20 hours paid by honoraria)

Key Working Relationships:

  • AUSA Executive
  • AUSA Staff, particularly the Finance Team and the General Manager

SUMMARY/PURPOSE OF ROLE: The Treasurer is responsible for AUSA’s financial matters. They help to write and monitor the AUSA budget, and oversee spending in all areas of the Association. They are also the chair of the Finance Committee. As the resident financial expert, the Treasurer also provides financial advice and support to the AUSA Executive.


AUSA Finance Committee

  • As Chair of the Finance Committee, ensure that Committee meetings are productive and efficient
  • Prepare and distribute a Finance Committee agenda in good time, and ensure that accurate and detailed minutes and action points are noted and distributed in a timely manner
  • Provide advice and support on matters arising in Committee meetings

Budget Preparation

  • With the AUSA Officers, lead the preparation and design of the AUSA Budget
  • Lead the preparation and recommendation of the Preliminary Budget
  • Throughout the year, regularly monitor the AUSA Budget to minimise wasteful spending and limit overspending
  • Lead a half-yearly review of the AUSA Budget to ensure that lines are being allocated and managed appropriately and efficiently

AUSA Contracts and Debts

  • Assist the AUSA President, General Manager and other relevant staff in the negotiation of contracts, and ensure that completed contracts are filed appropriately, retaining original copies
  • Have primary responsibility for the payment of Aged Payables and the collection of Aged Receivables
  • Conduct credit checks on all companies or individuals wishing to advertise or otherwise do business with AUSA

Other Financial Duties

  • Advise the AUSA Executive on financial matters relating to decisions and transactions made by AUSA, and if necessary on financial matters relating to AUSA entities and other external bodies
  • Give regular reports on relevant budget expenditure to the AUSA Executive

General Executive duties

  • Contribute to AUSA decision making, both using good governance techniques and representing the perspective students
  • Provide advice and support regarding financial issues to the AUSA Executive
  • Attend and contribute to weekly AUSA Executive meetings
  • Provide support and assistance for other AUSA Executive members during their events and other initiatives
  • Report on progress on a fortnightly basis