Welfare Vice President

Hours: Part time (20 hours paid by honoraria)

Key Working Relationships:

  • AUSA Executive
  • Student Advice Hub staff and Volunteers
  • University Health and Counselling staff
  • University Scholarships and Financial Assistance Department
  • University Equity Office staff and leadership

SUMMARY/PURPOSE OF ROLE: The Welfare Vice-President (or WVP) works toward alleviating the practical problems that make being a student so difficult. They run and fundraise for support services like the foodbank and the Hardship Grant scheme, as well as a collection of scholarship programmes for struggling students that cover costs like textbooks, and childcare. They also try to raise awareness on and off campus, by working on events like the Mental Health Awareness Day and campaigning on issues like the cost of student housing. In addition, they assist with other AUSA support services, from the Student Advice Hub to Parentspace and Womenspace, and oversee the other support roles on the AUSA Executive.


AUSA Foodbank

  • The Welfare Vice-President must ensure the foodbank is well stocked year-round. This involves sourcing donations where possible or purchasing stock when necessary.
  • This includes ensuring the food bank always has bags (or an alternative) to hold food parcels.
  • The Welfare Vice-President must administer the foodbank, providing students in need with access to food parcels and coordinating distribution through AUSA House Reception and other receptions and campuses where necessary. This may include establishing how the foodbank can cater to individual students’ needs where necessary.
  • Food bank information must be recorded by the Welfare Vice-President.

AUSA Welfare Committee and Financial Assistance Services

  • The Welfare Vice-President is the chair of the Welfare Committee, which devises and implements its own policy and recommends broader policy to the AUSA Executive that serves the general welfare of students.
  • The Welfare Vice-President is responsible for convening and administering meetings. Meetings must be notified and organised and minutes must be taken and submitted to the Executive for approval.
  • The Welfare Vice-President must administer current financial grant schemes, which may include:
    • The AUSA Hardship Grant Scheme;
    • The AUSA/UBS Textbook Grant Scheme;
    • The AUSA/FLGC Childcare Grant Scheme; and
    • Any other viable opportunities that may arise to grant money to students in need.
  • Administering these services requires the Welfare Vice-President to ensure that the grant schemes are appropriately marketed and administered, applications are processed promptly according to policy, and databasing and reporting of relevant material is carried out.

Additional Welfare Initiatives and Events

  • The Welfare Vice-President is responsible for ensuring the welfare budget is viable and, to the extent possible, sustainable. This includes:
    • Fundraising initiatives as appropriate; and
    • Coordinating the sale of lost property administered by AUSA for the purposes of raising funds for AUSA welfare initiatives.
  • The Welfare Vice-President coordinates and manages events relevant to issues pertaining student welfare, including:
    • Stress Less Study Week
    • Mental Health and Wellbeing Week
    • Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance (“SHAG”); and
    • Any other relevant issues or events.

Student Enquiries and Interactions

  • Communication channels must be regularly monitored to ensure student requests to meet with the Welfare-Vice President are responded to and followed up.
  • The Welfare Vice-President must have a working knowledge of the relevant governmental systems, procedures and resources available to or affecting students, and to be aware of changes to them.


  • The Welfare Vice-President must ensure the Parentspace is properly administered and managed on all campuses
  • The Welfare Vice-President must also issue Parentspace access and liaise with the relevant University staff to fulfil this.

Executive Welfare Portfolios

  • The Welfare Vice-President must ensure systems are in place to supervise and support the ISO, WROs, and QRO
  • The Welfare Vice-President must make her or himself available to support these welfare-related roles

Advocating and Supporting Disadvantaged Students

  • Disadvantaged groups includes equity groups as recognized by the University as well as groups of particular concern such as (but not limited to) student parents and international students.
  • This includes running events and projects that promote equity groups and equity issues on campus
  • Equity groups include but are not limited to: women, Maori students, Pacific students, LGBTIQ students, student parents, refugee students, (international students?)

General Executive Duties

  • Contribute to AUSA decision making, both using good governance techniques and representing the perspective and opinions of disadvantaged students
  • Provide advice and support regarding welfare or equity issues to the AUSA Executive
  • If desired, collaborate with other Executive members to organise welfare or equity-oriented events during the year or in conjunction with other Executive ‘weeks’
  • Attend and contribute to weekly AUSA Executive meetings
  • Provide support and assistance for other AUSA Executive members during their events and other initiatives
  • Report on progress on a fortnightly basis