Women’s Rights Officer

Honoraria: 10 Hours

Key Working Relationships:

  • AUSA Executive
  • AUSA Staff
  • Thursdays in Black Volunteers
  • University Equity Office staff
  • University Health Staff

PURPOSE OF ROLE: The Women’s Rights Officer(s) (known as the WROs) support, advocate for and represent women on campus. They provide support, resources and advice from Womenspace, a space exclusively for women in the Student Union building. They organise Womensfest and publish Kate magazine, and work on campaigns such as the Thursdays in Black campaign. Throughout the year, they raise money for charities that support women in trouble, and lobby the University and bring concerns to AUSA about issues that particularly affect women students, such as safety on campus.


Womenspace supervision and pastoral care

  • Primary responsibility for ensuring that AUSA Womenspace is a safe place for queer students and allies.This includes:
    • Regular engagement with students in the Womenspace community
    • Providing a disputes resolution system for any issues that arise (in conjunction with the President and Welfare Vice­President)
    • Being proactive in publicising and raising awareness of Womenspace for current and prospective students
    • Setting Womenspace opening and closing hours and enforcing these (in conjunction with the AUSA Custodian)
    • Ensuring that Womenspace is kept tidy, and that any broken furniture or other safety hazards are removed and the AUSA Executive and Custodian notified
    • Any other general duties to ensure the safety and quality of Womenspace
  • Management of the Womenspace budget line, including
    • Purchase of new Womenspace furniture and resources
    • Any required maintenance in Womenspace
  • Providing a basic level of pastoral care for students:
    • Holding regular office hours and being available to speak to students during these times
    • Providing advice, comfort and support to students in distress
    • Recognising the role of the WRO as a source of comfort, but not as a trained counsellor, working with University Health and Counselling to develop a system whereby students can be referred to professional counsellors

Representation of Constituency

  • In collaboration with Tertiary Women New Zealand (TWNZ), organise the Auckland University ‘Thursdays in Black’ campaign. This includes:
    • Recruitment and management of Thursdays in Black Ambassadors
    • Ensuring space is available for Thursdays in Black Ambassadors to campaign on Auckland University Campuses
    • Any other duties relating to the Thursdays in Black campaign
  • Represent the perspectives of women students to the AUSA Executive, the University and to the wider community when appropriate
  • Stand up for the rights of women students at Auckland University when these are attacked or when women students are marginalised in any way.

Events and Project Organisation

  • Lead the design and implementation of ‘AUSA Womensfest’
  • Create and edit ‘Kate’ Magazine
  • Organise and implement any other events and initiatives throughout the University year
  • Create detailed and high quality reports on events and present to the Executive

General Executive duties

  • Contribute to AUSA decision making, both using good governance techniques and representing the perspective and opinions of women students
  • Provide advice and support regarding women’s issues to the AUSA Executive
  • If desired, collaborate with other Executive members to organise women­oriented events during the year or in conjunction with other Executive ‘weeks’
  • Attend and contribute to weekly AUSA Executive meetings
  • Provide support and assistance for other AUSA Executive members during their events and other initiatives
  • Report on progress on a fortnightly basis