Find me an AUSA Buddy!

Hey there, are you a new international student at the University of Auckland?

About the AUSA Buddy System

We understand that the first month in NEW Zealand (pun intended) may be overwhelming for you. There is a lot of paperwork you have to complete. Homesickness engulfs you at times and some uniquely Kiwi customs may seem perplexing to you.

Having experienced this journey, Auckland University Students’ Association (AUSA) Buddies hope to ease your transition.

The role of AUSA Buddies

You are matched with an existing international student based on your shared interests or major. Your Buddy is committed to offering personal support by:

  1. Meeting you face to face to explain key administrative process, such as obtaining an IRD number, converting your driving license, applying for  job
  2. Showing you around Auckland CBD, to familiarize yourself with the nearest supermarket and stationery stores
  3. Having an ongoing mentoring relationship with you through Semester 1

When can I meet my Buddy?

You can start chatting with your Buddy online, even before you arrive in Auckland! Your Buddy will meet up with you during Fresher’s and/or Orientation week. Even if you missed Orientation, your Buddy can still meet you when you are here. The semester 1 2018 dates are to be confirmed.

What else do I gain?

  • We will consolidate all useful information for new international students into an easily digestible information booklet, which you will get to keep for your reference.
  • Many AUSA Buddies are active university students; some even hold key leadership positions in their clubs. You will be plugged into the strong social networks that the Buddies bring with them.
  • You will get insider knowledge about the Auckland University Students’ Association (AUSA), the people who represent you at the University of Auckland. This includes possible involvement as an AUSA Volunteer and strong ties with the International Students’ Officer Auckland University Students’ Association

I’m keen; what happens next?

1. Respond to this form:

2. You will then be contacted by the International Students’ Officer and matched with a Buddy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are AUSA Buddies paid? No, this is an initiative that runs on the goodwill of existing international students.

How are AUSA Buddies different from UniGuides and the First Year Experience program (FYE)? UniGuides suport new students in navigating the university environment during Fresher’s Week; FYE mentors connect new students to academic support within the Faculty. AUSA Buddies have specific knowledge about the international experience. We look into the emotional well-being of international students, with the aim of facilitating social integration and cultural adaptation.

What if I do not like my AUSA Buddy? Our AUSA Buddies are passionate and well-trained and we are proud of them. In the unlikely event that you cannot get along with your AUSA Buddy, you may email Tatiane, the International Volunteers Coordinator at

I still need more information before I sign up … Sure, thanks for thinking it through. You can email Tatiane, the International Volunteers Coordinator at