Resources & Documents for Clubs

A Handy Guide for Running your Club

AUSA has put together a handy little guide to the everyday ins-and-outs of running a club including elections, meetings and more. You can read it here.

Having Issues with Clubs

AUSA offers club advocacy services independent of the university. If you or your club are in need of such help please contact

PA System

We have a PA system that is suitable for events ranging from 25 people to over 500. It includes multiple speakers (if you need more than 2), microphones, 3.5mm inputs (iPod, laptop etc), a medium mixing board and cables. If you contact the clubs advocate by emailing or then they will be able to determine your requirements and book the appropriate gear for your event.

There is a $50 bond that will be held until you return all the equipment, as well as $50 a day hire fee. This covers minor damage, but not the full cost of the equipment so you may be asked to cover any extra costs if equipment is returned damaged.

Room Bookings

Space and rooms for meetings or events can be booked free of charge, they are:

  • ClubSpace, above the Maidment Theatre, is a medium-sized space with a table suitable for large meetings or gatherings of up to 25 people.
  • Meeting Room 1 in AUSA House is a small boardroom with a table, suitable for smaller meetings of 10 or so people.

To book any of these rooms please e-mail or call (09) 309 0789.

Outside of AUSA clubs may book rooms around the university free of charge, but there are some limitations on what events can be held. For more information please email the University at

Small Club Accounts Template

This is an accounts template for use by small clubs that do not have (or have very few) fixed assets. It contains a cashbook for entering transactions and a system to automatically generate a Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Please contact the treasurer by emailing if you have any queries or would like some help with using the template. They are more than happy to help you out.

Constitution and General Meeting Documents

AUSA Poster Policy

This Policy governs the placement of posters on AUSA areas.

These regulations are to supersede all previous poster policy.

  1. Only posters related to AUSA activities, AUSA affiliated clubs, AUSA elections and referenda shall be put on areas under AUSA jurisdiction. If your poster does not have the AUSA logo included in its design, it will need to be manually applied – the stamp is available at Student Central.
  2. All AUSA affiliated Club events/promotional Posters must clearly state the Clubs name.
  3. No posters shall be put up on any glass or painted surfaces.
  4. There is to be a maximum of 20 posters ONLY displayed within the Student Union, which will require the disclaimer stamp  stamped on each. ONLY posters with the  disclaimer stamp are to be displayed. The maximum figure of 20 includes variation in size and design for posters related to a specific event or promotional/branding campaign.
  5. All posters are to display an expiry date, whether advertising a specific event or not.
  6. Posters advertising a specific event shall be removed following the event as dated on the poster. Posters not advertising a specific date shall carry an expiry date three weeks from when they are put up and shall be removed immediately following that date.
  7. Groups or individuals who put posters up are responsible for their removal. If this does not occur within a reasonable time after the expiry date, then they will be removed by AUSA Custodians, who will bill the relevant group or individual for their removal.
  8. All posters advertising guest speakers are to carry a disclaimer.
  9. Posters are to be affixed with masking tape only.
  10. AUSA Custodians may remove any poster which is not fixed properly, badly ripped, etc., or any poster which does not comply with the above regulations.

Documents for AUSA Club Account Holders