AUSA Officer Election Blurbs



willMATTHEWS, Will

Nominator: Gemma Plank
Seconders: Isobel Gledhill, Matthew de Leeuw

Kia Ora Koutou,

My name is Will Matthews, and I am seeking your vote for AUSA President in 2016.

To make AUSA relevant to students in the era of Voluntary Student Membership we need to show that we are standing up for student interests. Students suffer in Auckland as the cost of living skyrockets while student support is either cut or remains too low. As President, I will run strong campaigns with strong end goals based on these issues.

Most students know AUSA for our Welfare and Advocacy services, through which we help large numbers of students every week. However, as President, I will also prioritise other welfare and advocacy issues relating to equity groups, such as disabled and queer students, and groups like student parents, to ensure that their time at our University is easy and painless.

As Administrative Vice President this year, I have driven much-needed changes in the makeup of our Executive, including the creation of a Political Engagement Officer. However, there is more work to do in reforming AUSA’s Executive. As President, I will ensure that all of AUSA’s internal functions and organisations are up to date and operating as they are meant to, ensuring that the Association’s vital services are able to continue.

For these reasons, a vote for me is a vote for a President who will ensure the engagement, representation and safety of all students.

Administrative Vice-President

avpGLEDHILL, Isobel

Nominator: Paul Smith
Seconders: Ben Kirkpatrick, Ruawai Te Rata

I’m currently AUSA Cultural Affairs Officer and a third year Law/BA student. I’ve been involved in AUSA for two and a half years as a delegate and exec member, so the success of the association and fulfilling our commitment to students is really important to me.

The AVP has to ensure that everything is running smoothly at AUSA so we can continue improving how we support you. Next year, the AVP will need to oversee many changes in AUSA’s structure. I believe I have the organisational experience to undertake it all.

Putting on great O-Weeks and events throughout the year is one of the most satisfying aspects of AUSA. I’m excited to make our events bigger and better, and work with the rest of the exec and volunteers to support projects they want to take on.

Communication is an area AUSA can definitely improve on, so this will be a top priority. It’s a shame students aren’t always aware of what AUSA gets up to, but at the same time, we could do a lot more to get your views and use them to make sure we’re getting it right.

Education Vice-President

evp1MADZIVA, Michael

Nominator: Tiahli Martyn
Seconders: Rosie Searle, Yan Tan Danny Lam

What’s up, my name is Michael Madziva and I’m running for Education Vice-President. Yes we can isn’t just what Obama said when he was running for president in 2008. Yes we can isn’t just the Scottish National Party’s slogan for the 1997 United Kingdom general election (thanks Wikipedia).  Yes we can is a call to unite because it’s time to get ready for a fight.

As EVP I will fight to make sure that

  • We have a more collaborative relationship with the university
  • All students have a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use study-link
  • We actively engage with the government on tertiary policies with special regard to Fees and the Tertiary Education Strategy 2014-19

Here’s the thing. I’m not going to guarantee that everything I run for will be achieved because I don’t have a blue telephone box to take me into the future. What I can guarantee is that I will fight for us. I will fight for what we want and what we need. Most importantly I will fight with ever fibre of my being to make sure that our voice is heard by this University, by the Government and by the Country.

Vote Madziva for EVP

evp2BURNETT, Rachel

Nominator: Jessica Storey
Seconders: Paul Smith, Will Matthews

Universities are the cornerstone of culture, critical thought and community, which is why I have volunteered at AUSA for three years, including sitting on Senate, Library Committee and other sub-committees this year. I have been around for the re-shuffle of AUSA positions, FAR project implementation and the battle for student representation on Council. I know what we need to fight for and which line of fire is the most strategic.

I’ve learnt not to underestimate the EVP job: I’ve arranged my degree to give as much time as possible to the position if elected. The impact that an engaged and hard-working EVP can have is also not to be underestimated.

I care enough and have learnt enough acronyms not to get bamboozled by roomfuls of academics: I have asked and will continue to ask questions. Reporting back to students on every meeting I would have as EVP is paramount; establishing communication with all students on all matters that is easily accessible and goes two ways would be my main priority.

You all deserve to know and be listened to about how the University’s plans will affect students: from teaching quality to archives, from academic programmes to Shadows and summer Shakespeare.

Welfare Vice-President

wvpJONES, Penelope

Nominator: Will Matthews
Seconders: Tessa Naden, Bernard Vella

Kia ora,

It’s getting harder and harder to be a student. The astronomical rents, overpriced public transport fares, food prices, or just the cost of study itself, it all adds up.

I’m Penny, and I want to be your Welfare Vice-President for 2016.

As Welfare VP, I will increase fundraising throughout the year to maintain and upkeep the basic emergency services for students, such as the foodbank and Hardship Grant system. Applications for grants are always increasing, and this will make these services accessible to far more students than ever before.

We all know how shitty the weeks leading up to exams are – Welfare CAN and SHOULD alleviate some of the stress that students face. I will develop and build upon the current AUSA exam stress scheme in place and introduce free breakfasts during the first week of study leave in both semesters, because the last thing you should be worrying about is breakfast when the pressure is on!

Extra attention and support will be given to those executive members holding equity portfolios by regularising meetings to open additional channels for discussion, which will lead to additional progress!

Vote for better student services, vote Penny for Welfare Vice-President 2016.


treasCUTFIELD, Dean

Nominator: Zachary Penman Chambers
Seconders: Yi Lun Liu, Emma Firmston

Hi everybody, I’m Dean Cutfield the current AUSA treasurer running again for the role for 2016. This thrilling role is an important one in terms of its need for a candidate who can financially plan and interpret important financial documents, it also requires that the individual be able to communicate and support other officers in ensuring AUSA is run effectively. Having been elected for the role in 2015 a staggering victory against no confidence has given me a firm grasp on the role. I am currently in my fifth year as a BA/BCom student and during this year I have also been the treasurer of the Arts Students Association and the Philosophy Society. In terms of a platform I hope to improve the transparency of AUSA’s financial position to its executive and to students in general and further our ability to achieve our goals in the most efficient ways. It is important that AUSA is able to continue its ability to speak on behalf of the student body, advocate for individual students and help those in need of welfare support as well as throw large scale events. I want to do this with hard work and dedication, elect me be your bean counter

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