AUSA Portfolio Election Blurbs


Candidate blurbs for those running for the 2016 Portfolio positions.


csoPALAIRET, Jessica

Nominator: Paul Smith
Seconders: Will Matthews, Jessica Storey

AUSA is important. We organize events, represent you on boards and committees and make decisions that are important and impact you every day.

That’s why you need student representatives that are experienced, dedicated and know what’s up. I’ve been involved in AUSA for one year now and am your outgoing Media Officer. I’ve loved it so much that I’m putting my name forward to be involved again, but this time around as Clubs and Society’s Officer. Having experience is important as it means I can really hit the ground running next year. I’ll make myself the go-to person for clubs wanting to talk about funding, our spaces they can use on campus, advertising for events and representation on any sorts of advocacy they may need. I want AUSA to do what you want us to do, not just what we think you want, so a big priority for me is making sure we hear your thoughts before we launch into campaigns and events.

It’s because AUSA is important that you should vote and make sure that vote is for someone who cares.It’s common sense. Vote positive for a brighter future and vote Jess.


caoMARGETTS, Jordan

Nominator: Jessica Storey
Seconders: Paul Smith, Aditya Vasudevan

Student culture is, let’s be honest, pretty much dead. At time of writing the votes cast for the paid portfolio positions are at 220 people. Public lectures put on by various departments are largely attended by the staff of those departments, and the odd mature student. Attendance at plays, readings, recitals, and performances around campus are as a rule dismal. The student magazine is barely read. If elected to the position of Arts and Culture Officer (formerly Cultural Affairs officer) I will liaise with various groups attempting creative and cultural endeavors, get the word out to students and hopefully see attendance and engagement which what is at least potentially a vibrant and incredibly creative staff and student body.

My goals for the position are:

  • To increase student awareness of events, exhibitions and public lectures at the university To utilize the resources of AUSA to support cultural and artistic endeavor by students
  • To increase communication between cultural and artistic clubs and AUSA and to represent their interests to the university
  • To help increase readership and interest in the student magazine and any other products which might help to better student cultural engagement on campus

In order to achieve this I plan to set up a series of goals for attendance and interaction with various cultural events on campus, and report to the executive on whether such goals are met.


HOARE, Brodie Jean

Nominator: Gemma Plank
Seconders: Will Matthews, Dean Cutfield

No blurb received


graftonO’HANLON, Conor

Nominator: Julia Shearer
Seconders: George Sikharalidze, Tess Rutledge

Do you ever feel like the rest of Auckland University and AUSA forget about us up on Park Road? My name is Conor and I am running to be your Grafton Representative for 2016 and my goal is to bridge this gap! I will work within our campus through the Medical, Pharmacy, Optometry and Nursing student associations (as well as others) to create a better university environment and experience. Grafton students in particular can be bogged down with stress, so if elected I will help organise ongoing activities and support for students as well as the dedicated Welfare Day. One issue affecting Grafton students in particular is the 7EFTS cap. There has been vast media attention and movement to remove this cap and I want to keep this momentum going. I will support staff and students and will work for increased involvement from AUSA to lobby for this important change. Most of all I am interested in what Grafton students want! Have a great idea? Want to run an event Grafton? Need AUSA’s help for something? Talk to me and we can make it happen. Vote Conor to be your Grafton Rep!


isoHAMIDA, Rana

Nominator: Miriam Bookman
Seconders: Callum Lo, Zachary Penman-Chambers

Hello! My name is Rana and I am super excited about running for International Students’ Officer. A little bit about me: I am from Palestine and have lived in Egypt, Syria, and Dubai so I certainly have the “international” experience to bring to this role!

The number of international students at the University of Auckland is growing at an increasing rate. It is therefore more important than ever to ensure these students are represented in what AUSA does and the decisions it makes. I am fully equipped to bring this perspective to the executive team.

Auckland Univeristy is a great place to study and I want to make sure that international students are able to access services and enjoy student life to the max during their time of study. A vote for me is a vote to make this happen!



Nominator: Paul Smith
Seconders: Jessica Storey, Sebastian Hartley

Hey! I’m Zavara and I’d love to be your Media Officer for 2016. As a first-year arts and law student, I have a passion for media, politics and student voices! With previous experience in student representation, public relations and organising roles I will bring clarity, commitment and enthusiasm to AUSA media.

As Media Officer, I want to know how AUSA can best communicate with you and to demystify the association’s workings and services. By continuing and growing AUSA’s social media presence (AUSA Snapchat anyone?), I will ensure you know about the awesome events AUSA runs and provide a place for student engagement. I will also look to AUSA TV (that’s our YouTube channel) and how this can be made a fun and informative forum.

A media role is about collaboration and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you!



Nominator: Sebastian Hartley
Seconders: Jessica Palairet, Paul Smith

Hey friends,

My name is Zachary Penman-Chambers I’m a third year law and politics/philosophy student and I’m running to be your political engagement officer. I have previous executive experience as the Administrative Vice President for AUASA and Administrative and Communications Officer for Philsoc. From the moment I started university I have loved politics, from the basic intrigue of political decisions to the competition of ideas that defines politics on its largest scale. Politics also affects our lives. That youth turnout remains strikingly low –especially in council elections – is a shame, and I will address this issue.

As political engagement officer I will look to raise awareness of national issues by using AUSA’s resources to arrange debates on pressing social issues of the day. AUSA has previously done this for the same sex marriage debate, with Colin Craig analogising same sex marriage and civil unions and rugby and football. Something that could have been included this year was a debate on the pressing issue of a “right to die”. Furthermore, I will look to raise awareness of local council elections in 2016 by providing multiple opportunities for open debate and candidate information in a hope to boost election turnout and participation. Lastly I will look to maintain the excellent quality of past politics weeks with great events such as youth backbenchers and the politics pub quiz.

peo2MAIER-GANT, Daniel

Nominator: Jessica Storey
Seconders: Miriam Bookman, Rhiannon Martin

Informed and objective: the two primary attributes of student political engagement. While they certainly have the passion, I want to ensure that Auckland students continue to have opportunities to engage in the weird and wonderful world of New Zealand and International politics.

Having moved to Auckland just this year from the sunny hills of Christchurch, I am currently studying a Law and Arts Conjoint Degree, majoring in Political Science and English. I don’t just inflict on myself the studying of politics, however – I have a wealth of experience in the administrative and educational aspects of civics education. I have spent three years volunteering with UN Youth New Zealand, am an active member of the University of Auckland Debating Society, and this year fill the role of Equity Officer with the Auckland University Arts Students’ Association. Not only do I understand the material, but I also have the organisational capacity to make sure that events and opportunities run smoothly.

While the University of Auckland has a very strong tradition of political engagement, I think there is room for greater inclusion and expansion – especially in regards to students in residences and halls. I hope to make a difference, and will work hard for these goals.


Nominator: Sebastian Hartley
Seconders: Min Kyu Jung, Isobel Gledhill

Sometimes I lie in bed at night and worry about my teeth…

I worry that I will get a toothache or chip a tooth.

I worry because I don’t know if I could afford to go to the dentist.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to afford a house.

I don’t know if there will be a job for me when I leave uni.

But I do know that I’m not alone in asking these questions.

As YOUR political engagement officer I will actively encourage discussion between students and political figures and lobby for political decisions that benefit us. I will hold regular events, including forums about relevant student issues. I will invite political figures to university and hold them accountable for their promises. I will put on a worthwhile, entertaining and inclusive politics week and work with the exec to make sure politics is well-represented ALL year.

Politics can be daunting. But I’m coming to this role with a fresh perspective and will do my best to include as many people in the discussion as possible. I am an approachable, friendly and motivated person and I care about engaging students in political discussions.

Vote Better. Vote Butter.


qroWORBOYS, Kate

Nominator: Tessa Naden
Seconders: Penelope Jones, Matthew Sokolich

Hey Fam!

Kermit the frog said “life ain’t easy being green” and it’s sure not easy being rainbow. As your queer rights officer I will push for what the queer community thinks is right. I will continue to ensure that our university is a safe and inclusive experience for those identifying as queer and everything else in-between. I will also continue to maintain Queerspace as it as an important safe place for queer students. I intend to help facilitate wider connections within the universities queer community by wholeheartedly embracing Pride week and holding various other events throughout the year. Most importantly I want to be available to provide support and advice to anyone who has queer related issues.

Anyway, vote for me… Pls.


sfcJUNG, Min Kyu

Nominator: Sebastian Hartley
Seconders: Noleen Nicholas, Dean Cutfield

Kia ora, I’m Min Kyu, and I’m running for Student Forum Chair. If you’re reading this, you probably have no clue what the Student Forum actually is. I’d like to change that!

The Student Forum takes place at the quad every Wednesday at 1pm, and allows students to have their say and pass resolutions for the attention of the AUSA executive.

I’m passionate about student culture – I think it’s important that all students are engaged with what’s happening around campus. As an AUSA delegate, I’ve attended several Student Forums and it’s a great and underused opportunity for students to engage with the rest of the student body. We’ve all heard complaints that AUSA is out of touch with students, and the Student Forum is the perfect avenue for you to raise your concerns.

As Student Forum Chair, I’d work on increasing attendance to the Student Forum. I think the most important part of my role is to make sure that students are aware that the Student Forum exists in the first place, which I’ll make my main priority. I’ll also work on incentivizing students to attend with free food, fun activities and prizes!


tamakiWILD, Cervantee

Nominator: Will Matthews
Seconders: Kieran Gainesford, Caitlin Watters

WILD FOR TĀMAKI Tāmaki is not just a remote campus which breeds health science students – Tāmaki is for everyone! You’ll also occasionally find students studying psychology, audiology, biosecurity, sports and exercise science, and engineering (rare treasures).

This is why students at the Tāmaki Innovation Campus need a strong voice on the AUSA Executive in 2014. As students at a satellite campus, you need academic support and advocacy. You need career guidance and opportunities. You need a wild social calendar.

As your Tāmaki Representative for 2016, I will make this happen.

Wild by name (not by nature), I am friendly, reliable and committed to ensuring Tāmaki students get the support, resources and good times you need. You deserve a TSA which will help you navigate the ups and downs of your unique experience as a Tāmaki student, offer more degree and career assistance, and help forge a vibrant campus culture in collaboration with other student groups.

Answer the call of the Wild.



wro1SIMMONDS, Bonnie & SACHS, Justine

Nominator: Rachel Burnett
Seconders: Caitlin Waters, Eloise Sims

Hi we’re Justine and Bonnie and we’re running for Women’s Rights Officer for 2015. Together we come to AUSA from a long background in activism and politics, including university politics, queer and student activism, and Young Labour, and want to bring this knowledge into our duties as potential WROs. We hope to contribute to AUSA and its ability to help empower women at university on a material level.

We are both passionate about about feminism, celebrity gossip, and cats, and are in the 3rd years of our undergraduates here at Auckland University.

wro2GORASIA, Aditi & QIU, Diana

Nominator: Penelope Jones
Seconders: Tessa Naden, Jennifer Muhl

We’d love to be your voice in AUSA to help you feel happy and healthy, and shun everything that doesn’t. With “Am I a workaholic?” being a commonly uttered question, Diana will work endlessly to make sure that we do justice to your ideas and concerns. She’s always smiling, but underneath lies a fiery personality and a passion for women’s issues.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Aditi will completely empathise with your needs to hibernate with Netflix and candy. If you need someone to have a yarn with when things are dull, or to cuddle with while upset, she can be your go-to during weekly office hours at womenspace.

In 2016, we want a more comfortable womenspace: a place where you can come to showcase your ideas, opinions and artwork. We want a greater support network with other areas of AUSA (Queerspace, Parentspace), and, most importantly, we want to improve how the University treats our concerns as women.

We can’t promise to magically eradicate sexism in a day (we’re not Emma Watson, as much as we’d like to be), but we can promise that we’ll try our best to make sure your concerns become the University’s concern too.


crac1MIDDLETON, John

Nominator: Susan Middleton
Seconders: Sarah Vergeer, Danielle Chrystall

I have a dream.

I have a dream that we can waste an 8am lecture reading embarrassing uni confessions, reviews of blind dates, and doing shit-loads of puzzles.

That Craccum could be hilarious distraction mixed with more in-depth content you wouldn’t mind reading when it gets to Thursday and your stuck on the toilet with no battery left on your phone.

That we’ll get back to doing lots of awesome Facebook give-aways.

I have a dream that I’ll be able to abuse this position to get with hot first years in Bar101.

I’m John Middleton and I’m News Editor this year. I’ve interviewed peeps like The Bachelor (daymmmm that guy is hot), Stan Walker, Winston Peters, as well as Carlos ‘sloth’ Craig this week.

Craccum relies on having all sorts of voices to make it a truly representative student magazine, so I will take all the help I can get. I want it to be inclusive, with lots of perspective, even if that pisses people off.

And I’m a BA student – I’ve got loads of time to waste on this shit.

Finally, so few people vote it will actually mean something if you do :).

BROWN, James

Nominator: Sylvie Americh
Seconders: Brandon Luong, Aman Reddy

Hi, I’m James Brown. Some of you might remember me as a deceased Black American singer. Others might know me for the four years’ worth of crap I have written for this magazine. So here I am, trying to convince you that someone who, by his own admission is not quite sane, should be the next Editor of Craccum. Where to start?

I believe honesty is the best policy, so I’ll be straight: I have been writing for Craccum for four long years, and been involved with them for three years before that. I remember a time when the Craccum boxes were empty every Monday afternoon, when we had great editors like Matt and Val, Sloan, Rhys and Spencer who delivered witty and insightful commentary, satire and humour in equal measure every week. However you only need to look at the Craccum boxes throughout the week now to see how far Craccum has fallen. Hardly anyone reads it anymore. And I feel that I can turn that around, or at least improve the mag, using my experience and knowledge from past successes. With no friends or social life at all I can devote myself entirely to Craccum as well!

crac2ABLEY, Caitlin & FULLERTON, Mark

Nominator: Bernard Vella
Seconders: Jessica Storey, Nick Fenton

A ginger and a man of questionable ethnic origins walk into a magazine office. The bartender says, “How dare you enter this sanctum? You’re a woman, of sorts, and I suspect your companion may be a high-ranking member of a Colombian drug cartel. Get out.” But they don’t get out. They stay, and make the best goddamn student magazine you’ve ever seen.

Overshadowed in the realm of time-wasting by BuzzFeed and Elite fucking Daily, Craccum has become a flaccid beast who can’t quite get it up long enough to satisfy potentially lusty readers. We’ll turn Craccum into a genuinely alternative magazine that does what the Internet can’t: provide content that is interesting to you specifically as a UoA student. We’ll give Craccum its mojo back.

Caitlin is the current Arts Editor, and Mark has written more articles than there have been issues in 2015. We know our shit. Plus, in the last twenty years there have only been three female co-editors. Caitlin and her vagina would love to remedy this, as would Mark and his high regard for women and their opinions.

Vote for fucking fresh content. Vote for jokes you’ll actually laugh at, vaginal or otherwise. Vote for us.

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