Come for the democracy, stay for the free barbecue and prizes!


Notice is hereby given for an AUSA Special General Meeting to be held Thursday, 9th of October at 12.00pm in the Student Union Quad.

The meeting will deal with three points of business.

  1. Adopting the revised Seventh Schedule of the AUSA Constitution, which covers the governance of Craccum. This alters the constitution of the Craccum Administrative Board. The proposed new Schedule can be found here. This can be compared to the current version of our Constitution.
  2. Adopting the Association’s 2013 Audited Accounts, which can be found here, and the 2015 Election Results, which can be found here and here.
  3. Rescinding of motion 11/04, passed in 2004, which states “THAT in accord with binding AUSA policy, the AUSA Executive be reminded that future orientations are meant to be free to AUSA members, unlike what happened this year. An explanation of this proposal can be found here. This will be followed by discussion about what students want from Orientation in 2015.

In order for the meeting to open, we must reach quorum of 200 AUSA members. Please come to the Quad with your opinions, your ID card and your friends. You can sign up there if you have forgotten to do so this year, or if you have lost your sticker.

There will be a free BBQ for all, and plenty of prizes to be won. Think Shadows bar tabs, lots of free V and much more. Don’t miss out on having your voice heard (and a free sausage)!

Thursday 9th October, 12:00pm.

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