Exams – The Lowdown


Unfortunately (and unexpectedly, for many of us), exams will soon be upon us.

Before your exam

Ask for help – DON’T PANIC: Feeling panicked? Trying to “revise” but don’t feel like you’ve ever seen the material before? Don’t feel alone – the important thing is to ask for help.

Student Learning Services is a great place to turn. They offer workshops, resources and advice to help students develop skills all year round – and exams are as good a time to turn to them as ever. Upcoming workshops include Exams: Answering multi-choice, essay and short answer questions and Exams: Preparing and revising. Check out www.library.auckland.ac.nz/student-learning to book a workshop or learn more.

If you’re feeling stuck, remember that the University is filled with people who want to help students. Talking to your friends and classmates is a great way to start, and forming or joining a study group is even better. But remember that your tutor and lecturer are also there to help – turn to your support networks if you are struggling to keep up with study.

Talk to someone if everything feels like it is going wrong: Feeling overwhelmed? The University Health and Counselling Service offers free counselling sessions to all students. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Visit www.auckland.ac.nz/counselling to make an appointment.

Don’t sit three exams in a row: While the University introduced evening exams in 2010, you do not have to sit three consecutive exams even if that is what your examination timetable coughs up.

If you have three exams in a day, or an evening exam followed by a morning and afternoon exam the next day, or any other permutation of three exams directly in a row, you should have been contacted by the Examinations Office. Check your student email, or get in touch with the Examinations Office pronto – no need to do it if you don’t have to!

Exam day

Know what to do if you are sick or unable to attend your exam: If you are cannot sit your exam because you are sick or because of personal circumstances, you may make an aegrotat or compassionate application. Applications are made through University Health Services. University Health Services have special slots available for this purpose (academic slots), so make it clear to them why you require help and make sure you are seen quickly – not as a routine appointment. Call 09 923 7681 and ask for an Academic slot.

If something happens, it is important to see a registered doctor, dentist or counsellor as soon as you can – you must do so on the day of your exam. You then must submit an application within 7 days of the date of your last exam. If you can, you should try to sit your exam anyway and then apply immediately as well.

There is an application fee of $30 for each exam. If you have trouble paying this fee, AUSA Welfare may be able to help you through our hardship grant scheme. Visit www.ausa.org.nz/support/welfare to apply.

Remember your ID Card: Make sure you remember to take your Student ID card to your exam, or you will face a $25 fine. However, don’t panic too much if you can’t find yours. You will not be prevented from sitting your exam even if you forget it.

If you do forget, you will be charged a $25 fee. However, if you buy a replacement ID card within 24 hours the fine will be waived, and if you have accidentally left your ID card at home and bring it to show them within 24 hours the fine is also waived.

After exams

Know how to get your papers returned: You can request a copy of your exam script online at www.auckland.ac.nz/exams. Note that if you want to request a recount, you will need to apply for a photocopy of your examination script within three months of the end of the examination period. While you may request a recount, this is only a recount to ensure all pages have been marked and the marks have been added up correctly. You may not apply to have your exam remarked.

Handy contacts

If you miss an exam, need to apply for different conditions, or have any queries, the first people to contact are the Examinations Office.

Email: exams@auckland.ac.nz

Location: Level G, The Clocktower Building

If you need help with academic and research skills, contact Student Learning Services.

Email: sls@auckland.ac.nz

Location: Level 3, Kate Edger Information Commons

If you want to appeal a decision, make a complaint about a service, or need help advocating for yourself, contact the AUSA Student Advice Hub, who provide free, confidential and independent support and advice.

Email: cityhub@ausa.org.nz

Location: Old Choral Hall, 3 Alfred St

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