Notice is hereby given of the motions for Constitutional Changes

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Notice is hereby given of the motions for Constitutional Changes  received by 12 noon on 15 August 2017 to go to the Winter General Meeting to be held on 30 August 2017.

Constitutional Changes

Creation of co-Queer Rights Officer

THAT Rule 27(iv)(f) be amended to read: 
“Queer Rights Officer (who shall be a member or group of members),”

AND THAT Rule 28(i) be amended to read:
“The position of Maori Students’ Officer, Pacific Island Students’ Officer, Queer Rights Officer and Women’s Rights Officer may be held by an individual member of the Association, or a group of up to two members of the Association, such a group will be known as a collective.”

Deletion of AUSA-ETTSA partnership, and Epsom Representative

Note:  The Epsom Tai Tokerau Students’ Association no longer exists

THAT the following clauses be deleted and renumbered accordingly: Clause 27 (iv)(j), Clause 43 (x), Clause 44 (vi)

AND THAT the Eleventh Schedule – Epsom to the Constitution be deleted and the Schedules to the Constitution be renumbered accordingly.

AND THAT Clause 44 (i) of the Constitution be amended to read:“The members of the Executive other than the Secretary, Maori Students’ Officer, Women’s Rights Officer, Pacific Island Students’ Officer, Grafton Representative, shall be elected annually by means of a general and secret ballot of the members conducted according to the Rules contained in the Second Schedule hereto, which shall be deemed to be part of these Rules.”

The Agenda is available here

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