Statement: Further AUSA comments on Auckland University ‘white pride’ controversy

Official Notices

AUSA has been blown away by the depth of support on this issue.

It has been so inspiring to see the messages from students, University staff and members of the public who share student outrage at the presence of a potentially offensive group forming on our campus.

This has proved that the spirit of diversity, tolerance and community is still alive and well in New Zealand. We need a passionate community who are not afraid to stand up and call out hatred when we see it, to ensure that our campuses, our streets and our conversations are safe.

We have been in contact with the Auckland University European Students’ Association today. The group claims that they have been grossly misrepresented. If this is the case, then we encourage them to constructively engage with the student community to provide an explanation for how they have chosen to communicate their values and purpose. We are sceptical of the possibility that someone could ‘accidentally’ come up with a slogan that evokes Nazi Germany, and this combined with the other imagery and iconography that the group has caused many New Zealanders to draw the same conclusions as Auckland University students. We encourage AUESA to have this conversation and put our collective minds to rest.

Again, it has been inspiring to see the passion and support in our community. Don’t take this statement to mean that we think there is no more to do though! AUSA will continue to speak out against intolerance and hatred on campus, and will continue to encourage the University of Auckland to join us in ensuring we can learn and thrive in a safe and welcoming environment.

Kia kaha


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