Wanted: Treasurer and Women’s Rights Officers


Last week, ausa called a by-election for the positions of Treasurer and Women’s Rights Officer(s). Due to resignations, these positions on the AUSA Executive are vacant. This is your chance to get involved with student culture and have a unique experience with student life.

All AUSA Executive positions are elected by students. Nominations are open to currently enrolled University of Auckland students who are AUSA members (or students who sign up as AUSA members), and are due by 3:00pm on Thursday 25th April. The election will be held the following week.

Wanted: Treasurer

The Treasurer is an Officer of AUSA, a position bringing with it more responsibilities and perks than other portfolio holders.

The Treasurer is responsible for working with our finance staff to oversee the finances of the Association. This means helping to create the budget, tracking spending, and ensuring all members of AUSA comply with the budget. In addition, the Treasurer creates and enforces the Association’s financial policy and procedures. The Treasurer also works on chasing debtors, chairing the Finance Committee, and keeping an eye on the finances of some of AUSA’s related entities.

In addition, as an Officer, the Treasurer works with the rest of the Officer team (the President and Vice-Presidents) to oversee AUSA as a whole. They take part in planning, they attend Executive meetings, and they help out with general events of AUSA.

This is a unique opportunity to gain experience and take part in an organisation with a turnover of more than a million dollars.

Perks: In exchange for fulfilling their role, the Treasurer is given an honorarium the equivalent of 20 hours’ minimum wage each week. They are also given an office on campus to work in.

Experience and Qualifications: Treasurer candidates must have passed at least two accounting papers at the University of Auckland, and show proof of this. Ideally, candidates will have experience as Treasurer for a student club or other organisation with a large turnover, or have worked in a role that involved budgeting and financial oversight. While this will make your life easier, it is not required – if you are prepared to work hard and are able to convince your fellow students to vote for you, then we’ll be more than happy to have you!

Wanted: Women’s Rights Officer(s)

Known as the WROs, the Women’s Rights Officer(s) support, advocate for and represent women on campus. The WROs have historically been very active, making this one of the busiest unpaid portfolios on the Executive. Consequently, the Women’s Rights portfolio is one of the few positions on the Executive which may be held by two people. Thus you may run as an individual, or with a co-WRO candidate.

The Women’s Rights Officers run Womenspace, a safe space exclusively for women, located above the Quad. From that space, they provide support, advice and resources for women students. In order to do so, the WROs maintain close relationships with groups around Auckland and New Zealand that provide support, as well as with groups on campus.

In addition, the Women’s Rights Officers organise a number of flagship events and publications on campus. The most important are Womensfest, a week devoted to discussion and engagement with women’s rights issues, and Kate Magazine, the student magazine compiled and contributed to entirely by women.

Perks: The Women’s Rights position is a voluntary position. However, the WROs do have an office on campus, located in Womenspace above the Quad.

Experience and Qualifications: If you are interested in women’s issues and want to help female students, then this is the role for you! The Women’s Rights Officers need to be enthusiastic and willing to get stuck in. The only formal qualification required is that they must identify as a woman.

So why run?

1) For an amazing experience: The Auckland University Students’ Association represents tens of thousands of students, and exists solely to serve them. Being involved in the organisation is a fantastic experience – like being involved in a club or a faculty association on a massive scale.

2) To help students: The better AUSA is run, the more support, advocacy and events for students there will be. Being involved means you can claim you are directly responsible for improving student life.

3) To experience the madness of an election:  Running in an election is a crazy and fun experience. It’s a great opportunity to meet other people, get to know campus better, and work out who your true friends really are!

If you have any questions, or are considering running for election, we would love to talk to you. Email president@ausa.org.nz with any questions or to catch up for more information.

Nomination forms can be collected from AUSA Reception at AUSA House, 4 Alfred St. Nominations close at 3.00pm on Thursday, 23 April 2015. Forms must be handed in to AUSA Reception only. Only currently enrolled students of the University of Auckland are eligible to run, and proof must be provided.

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