Waste Watchers: Do you see what I see?


Ever noticed just how much plastic we go through in a day? Lid on my morning coffee, Munchymart gives me my bag of nachos chips in a plastic bag which goes into my bag, glad-wrap on my telegraph cucumber (what’s up with that?). Plastic is EVERYWHERE. Now, don’t worry; I’m not some silent-spring-bashing purist who wants a worldwide ban on plastics; (afterall, some plastics are mighty fun, like slinkies!)  but I do look at the university quad and imagine just how much cooler it would be if I could have my lunch served on a good ole’ crockery plate, have my coffee in a REAL coffee cup and have someone energetic wash it for me afterwards. Not a bad idea eh?

No, I didn’t think so either, so that’s what’s happen people!  Starting in second semester, volunteers will provide and wash dishes  for you,  in the quad, every ‘Wasteless Wednesday’ so that you can eat in style while reducing the 80 kgs of single-use packaging we produce daily in the quad

The only  problem?… WE NEED THE DISHES!  So to all those closet (and not so closet) environmentalists out there, for all those live-at-home freeloaders with parents houses cupboards overflowing with crockery,  for any student or staff member who owns even one superfluous plate, bowl, mug or cutlery, WE NEED YOU.

Drop off your donated dishes to the front of AUSA house any day before the end of May. Sign up there if you’re keen to get your hands wet for one hour a week on a Wednesday next semester and last but not least, let’s ease up on the plastic.

Phoebe Balle

AUSA Environmental Affairs


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