Why run for an AUSA position?


Have you ever complained about the University? Have you ever thought you could do a better job running O-Week? Have you ever wanted a chance to do something meaningful with your short time on campus? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should run for a position on the AUSA Executive.

Not convinced? Here are six awesome benefits of running in the elections (we tried to pick five but there were just too many):

  1. If you win, you get to have a say in what happens on campus for students just like you. You get to push for change that you think needs to happen within the University, stand up for other students, and make life on campus cooler.
  2. It’s a great way to meet people. AUSA represents students from all walks of life. Whether during campaigning, running events, or signing up students on the O-Week stall, you get to meet new people from across the student body, and learn about their university experience.
  3. You get the chance to solve students’ problems. Sometimes this means lobbying against unfair fees or penalties. Sometimes it means directing a new student to the Clocktower. Other times it means approving a hardship grant or providing a food parcel to a student going through a rough patch.
  4. You get a t-shirt. Seriously, AUSA gives you a t-shirt. It even has your title printed across the back.
  5. It gives you amazing experience. Where else do students get the chance to have a say in how to run a bar, a radio station, a bookshop, a magazine? Pick up amazing administrative and communication skills right next to your lecture theatre.
  6. Your work will have lasting impact on student life at the University of Auckland. Students deserve a say in their own University. If you help keep AUSA strong, it will be there for students to come.

Nominations of 2015 AUSA Executive Portfolio Positions are now open! We are looking for up to fourteen volunteers to make up AUSA’s governing board, plus nominees for Craccum editor. Be in with a chance by handing in a nomination at AUSA Reception, 4 Alfred St by 3.00pm on Friday, 8 August. Then the real fun begins – campaign away!

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