The Executive

The Executive consists of elected students who are responsible for the direction and governance of the Association. The Executive meet weekly during semester time. Current students who are AUSA members are eligible to run in the elections. Find out more here.

Class Reps

Student representation exists at all levels throughout the University. The majority of this representation is co-ordinated through the AUSA Advocacy Office. We ensure that students are represented at every level possible at the University. We make sure that representatives are elected, organised and carry out training for representatives and provide ongoing support for ALL representatives. Read More.

Central Committees

Central Committee Student Representatives have a unique place within the University of Auckland Committee system, to ensure that the interests of all students are considered when decisions are made at these meetings. They are there to advocate on behalf of all students. Through their membership of these committees they are involved in the decision-making policies and plans at the University. They can communicate with the student body about changes to these plans and policies. Read More.


AUSA is affiliated with a number of other student associations. Find out about them here.

Faculty Associations

A number of the university faculties have student associations. Find out about them here.


The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) is a federation of 14 University and Polytechnic student associations from across New Zealand. Your students’ association is an active member of NZUSA and funds your national body through your association levy. Read more here.