Fakaalofa Lahi atu! Ni Sa Bula Vinaka! Talofa Lava! Kia Orana! Aloha! Malo e lelei!

AUPISA is the Auckland University Pacific Island Students Association. It is the only body of Pacific Islands University students formally recognised within a students association constitution (AUSA) nationally.

The constitution of AUPISA is based on the premise which recognises the diversity of Pacific peoples, and through a unity of purpose create an environment that embraces the visions of the past, present and future Pacific Island students of Auckland University.

In 1995 the Executive members of the Cook Island Students’ Association, Foufou he Pulotu a Niue, Samoan Students Association, Fiji Club, Atenesi Alumni and Auckland University Students Assn (AUSA) executive met to facilitate the process of organisation of a room for Pacific Islands students on campus. A proposal was submitted on 14 August 1995 to the Executive of AUSA. This resulted in the allocation of the upper common room to Pacific Islands students on a temporary basis. In 1996 the above clubs formalised and became the Pacific Island Students Council (PISC). In March 1997 O Langi Atea Moana was opened and named by Associate Professor Malama Meleisea and Dr OkusitinoMahina. After many meetings of a steering committee convening various interest groups and with much discussion a resolution was prepared to put to AUSA. At an AGM of AUSA in 1997 AUPISA was recognised in its constitution as an affiliate student body representing Pacific Island students on campus. The name was then changed to AUPISA. Many Pacific graduate alumni have worked hard to ensure that this affiliate student body be established so we continue to represent and serve all Pacific Island Students on campus.

AUPISA facilitates, organizes and hosts various events throughout the year for all students on campus. There is the welcoming meet and greet dinner, a first and second semester sporting event, a first and second semester cultural event displaying all Pacific cultures present on campus. AUPISA hosts exam fono, a gathering of students during exam time to help each other study, gather notes, collect ideas and support one another. AUPISA has access to many resources on campus which can help students in need of academic, financial or other support. With priority to academic excellence for all their members, AUPISA also helps students to build networks and socialize with other Pacific students on campus.

AUPISA is currently the umbrella for UASSA (The University of Auckland Samoan Students Assocaition), TAUA (The Tongan Association at the University of Auckland), AUCISA (The Auckland University Cook Island Students Association), GNV (Gone ni Viti kei Rotuma e na University of Auckland – The Fijian Students Association), NAFA (The Niue Students Association) and soon to be the Hawaiian Students Association of the University of Auckland. AUPISA has also very close ties with other faculty associations on campus including SPIES (The South Pacific Indigenous Engineering Students Association), MAPAS (The Maori and Pacific Admission Scheme), PILSA (The Pacific Island Law Students Association), MANIFIKA (The Pacific Students of business school), TUAKANA ( The Pacific Island and Maori mentoring scheme) and also the Fale Pasefika.

O Langi Atea Moana is located at Level Four, in the Student Union Building. This space is constantly used to help Pacific students to study, practice, meet, fono, network and call base.

Join AUPISA a great opportunity to meet people in the same degree as you, build networks, gain access to all opportunities on campus!!!!!!