Central Committees

Central Committee Student Representatives have a unique place within the University of Auckland Committee system, to ensure that the interests of all students are considered when decisions are made at these meetings. They are there to advocate on behalf of all students. Through their membership of these committees they are involved in the decision-making policies and plans at the University. They can communicate with the student body about changes to these plans and policies.

To be elected to a position on the university committees’ students need to be either a current Class Rep, an executive of a Students Association or a current Central Committee Rep. Nominations are open at the beginning of October and then an election is held to appoint Committee reps for the following year. The nomination profiles are emailed to all eligible voters who can then vote by either email or by attending the election meeting where they can meet the candidates before they vote.

University committees are split into three sections – Committees of Council, Committees of Senate and Vice-Chancellors Advisory Committees.

Central Committee Rep Commitment

  • Committee meetings – Attend all committee meetings which last between 30 and 90 minutes. If you are unable to attend you are required to send your apologies to the Committee Secretary. The agenda will be emailed to you before the meeting as well as the previous meetings minutes. To keep well informed on the broader issues and to keep track of the progress of long term issues it is suggested you read the agenda before the meeting.
  • Reporting back – You are required to submit three written reports to AUSA Advocacy Department about your experience on the committee. The Advocacy Manager will contact you by email in advance of each reports due date. These reports are a way for the AUSA to check the progress of issues that affect students, to report wider based issues to Campus Life as part of the Service Level Agreement and to include in Class rep newsletters that are sent out faculty wide
  • Training – Advocacy Department offers training in February. This will be your opportunity to learn about your role and enhance the opportunity to achieve the most from your time as a committee representative. Even if you have attended a training session before, it’s good to attend so you can network with the Committee reps and it’s useful for these new members to hear about your experiences and suggestions.
  • Your first committee meeting – The Chairman of the committee will introduce you to the rest of the committee at the first meeting. It may seem intimidating at first but remember that you are elected to your position so others have confidence in your ability.
  • Communication – If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Association Advocacy Manager advocacymanager@ausa.org.nz , DD: 3066577 or pop by Denise’s office.


  • Being a committee rep looks great on a CV.
  • You will learn about how committees work, increase your networking and public speaking skills.

The Student Rep/Vice Chancellor Meetings

On the Monday of Senate, usually between 1-2pm, Student Rep/Vice Chancellor (SRVC) meetings are held. The committee consists of the Vice Chancellor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), the Registrar, the Director of Student Administration, the AUSA Advocacy Manager, Executive members of Students Associations, Central Committee Reps and representatives from Faculty Associations and the AUSA General Manager. This is an opportunities for a wide group of Student Reps to meet with the Senior University Staff and raise issues with them directly, and be briefed on what is happening within the University community. A lunch is provided by UOA.

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