Central Committee Elections

As a student representative, you can help make decisions that directly affect your teaching and learning, research, and the student experience. You perform a vital role in ensuring that students have input and a strong voice when decisions impacting them are made.

You must be a Class Rep, AUSA executive member, affiliated Student Association executive or current committee representative to be nominated or vote.

Nominations open 1st of October and close on the 14th of October – Click here to nominate someone for a central committee position on the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee, the Equity Committee,  the Occupational Environment Safety and Health Committee and/or International Committee.

Online elections open 15th October and close on the 21st of October.

What do these committees do?

Teaching and Learning Quality Committee: Make recommendations to Education Committee on specific education matters like Distance Education and the Student Learning Centre, as well as teaching facilities and Equal Education Opportunity. It monitors the quality of teaching and learning, and recommends on policies and activities that will improve it, including policies and procedures for the evaluation of teaching and learning.  It also recommends and administer Teaching Improvement Grants and Distinguished Teaching Awards.

Equity Committee: This committee advises on University policy in Equal Employment and Equal Educational Opportunities They develop University plans for Equal Employment and Equal Educational Opportunities. They monitor and report on the implementation of the University’s Equal Opportunity policies and plans and the University’s progress towards Equal Opportunities.

Occupational Environmental Safety and Health Committee: Reports to the VC’s Staff Advisory Committee on matters relating to safety in the workplace.  Purpose is to improve staff skills relating to safety and the safety of the staff and student environment.

International Committee: Looks after the affairs of international students, and monitors efforts aimed at recruitment.

The Nomination form is here