Class Rep Department Guide

The University of Auckland Senate established the Student Representative System and Staff-Student Consultative Committees at the University in 1968. The purpose of the Committees is to enable students to participate, with staff in the direction and activities of Departments, Faculties and Schools, facilitate greater communication between staff and students, and to identify and address areas of concern for students.

Every Department appoints a staff member to have primary responsibility for the class rep system within the Department. This involves organising two Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) meetings a semester, sending out the agenda for these meetings to class reps and relevant staff, and distributing the minutes of each meeting to class reps and AUSA.

Below is a guide to help staff responsible for administering the class rep system within a department.

Department Department Responsibilities

  • Ensuring all classes has a Class Rep in your Department/School. (At least one Class Rep per paper is needed, including all postgraduate programmes).
  • Supplying the AUSA Class Rep Coordinator with names and contact details of your class reps. Please email for the online form.
  • Organising the Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) meetings. These are usually held twice per semester and include attendance from Department/School staff members and the Class Reps.
  • Making sure the minutes of the SSCC meetings are forwarded to the AUSA Class Rep Coordinator (
  • That one of the Class Reps for your Department/School also sits on the Faculty SSCC.

Additional resources

Class Rep Handbooks: are available online at here or by request via email:

Elections: If no student volunteers to be a Class Rep for their class then lecturers can request nominations from students and then ask for a show of hands, or conduct a paper ballot.