Auckland University Arts’ Students Association (AUASA)

The AUASA executive brings you educational, social and sporting events to the largest Faculty at the University of Auckland. The executive’s responsibilities include liaising between the student body, the Arts Faculty, First Year Experience and various clubs on campus. The vision is to build a vibrant culture for arts students and to increase the employability of arts’ graduates. We are a friendly executive and would love to listen to your ideas and any concerns you may have.

AUASA was officially established in late 2013. Despite this, the founding team and first executive have already brought you numerous events, including steins, a market day, a case competition and partaking in inter-faculty competitions.

In the upcoming year of 2014, the diverse and experienced executive wants to bring you more social activities, networking functions, quality competitions, a mentoring programme and your own student publication for arts students. We have ambitious goals working with the faculty, university, sponsors, AUSA and student clubs.

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