AUSA Online Referenda

AUSA is proud to introduce AUSA Online Referenda. AUSA Online Referenda will be an easy and accessible mechanism for students from all campuses at the University of Auckland to engage with AUSA.

What is AUSA Online Referenda?

AUSA Online Referenda will be one of the ways you can have your say through AUSA. It’s a direct online vote which every University of Auckland student can use. You’ll be voting on referenda questions posed by students, and we encourage you to submit referenda questions of your own! If you’re wondering what referenda questions could actually look like, here are some examples:

  • Should AUSA support a change of government in the 2017 general election?
  • Should AUSA buy a speedboat?
  • Should AUSA lobby for greater funding for University Health and Counselling?

Be sure when you are submitting your questions that they are clear, concise and unbiased! You will be able to send your referenda questions from Monday 24th July 9am to the Returning Officer, Penelope Jones at Be sure send your email before Friday 11th August 3pm, when submissions close.

Why does AUSA Online Referenda matter?

You can make a difference. Sounds cheesy, but you could be leading AUSA’s policy. Your student union answer to you, the students. Let them know what you want!

All referenda questions are binding on AUSA, if a minimum of 3% of AUSA members participate in the referendum. However, there is an exception with matters concerning finance, administration, human resources or governance – these will be non-binding and indicative only. Although these matters will only be indicative, they will be considered seriously by the AUSA Executive.

How will I know the pros and cons for each referenda question?

A Student Forum for questions will be held to promote discussion and debate. All students who submitted valid referendum questions will be invited to speak, and to answer any questions from the floor. We hope that this will encourage students to make an informed vote.

If you are unable to attend the Student Forum, no worries there because AUSA will ensure a video recording is available.

The August 2017 Referenda has closed. The results are listed below.

AUSA Online Referenda August 2017 Results

Should AUSA lobby for extra seating in Kate Edger Information Commons Level 0 (IC0)?

Yes: 1816 (68.48%) No: 301 (11.35%) No Vote: 535 (20.17%) Total: 2652

Should AUSA establish a weekly honoraria for its portfolio holders of a sum equivalent to 10 hours at net adult minimum wage after tax, and that this payment be backdated to apply from the beginning of Semester Two 2017?

Yes: 714 (27.02%) No: 566 (21.42%) No Vote: 1362 (51.55%) Total: 2642

Should AUSA disaffiliate the Pro Life Club and ban any clubs with similar ideology from affiliating in the future?

Yes: 1599 (59.80%) No: 1021 (38.18%) No Vote: 54 (2.02) Total: 2674