Ever wonder what you’re listening to in the Quad every day? That’s bFM, Auckland Uni’s very own radio station. Back in 1969 when students did crazy stuff, radio Bosom was born as a capping stunt. It was set up in a boat – which ran aground – and broadcast illegally on speakers around the student union. Over the next few decades the Bosom morphed into the mighty 95bFM, a sizzling casserole of New Zealand music, news and views. 95bFM is a compilation of dedicated people from all walks of musical genre and political opinion. This makes for a fiery world of independent news and views and Auckland’s most vibrant musical injection.

We’re passionate about music, just like you. We think that radio is better when it’s free from commercial pressures, and that it should be challenging without being inaccessible. This is not top 40 radio. Give it a try, though, and we promise you’ll never go back.

The DJs

The Breakfast Team of Hannah and Alice wake you for breakfast with shambolic revelry from 7-10am. Geneva, Eliza, Ally, Keria and Hannah Ross ease you through your midmorning on Morning Glory. Pennie Black, Gin, Bridge, Sigrid, Conor and Murray Cammick are all about the music during your weekday afternoons. And looking after you on that long drive home are Jonny and Big Hungry who crank the dial up to 11 from 4-7pm.

Dig a bit deeper than the good-looking b logo and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on the 95bFM specialist music shows. Amongst many more, there’s Arcade Radio, the True School Hip Hop Show, Stinky Grooves with Stinky Jim, Border Radio, the Hard Fast & Heavy Show with David Andrew, and the Rhythm Selection with former programme director Dubhead. Our DJs broadcast utterly live throughout Auckland and across the globe (via the interweb) all day and night – even at two in the morning. These stunning individuals represent an abundance of on-air diversity.

95bFM has independent news and interviews, weekdays on the Wire at midday. This is brought to you, the people, by volunteer staff who research the news and ask the questions that cut through the rhetoric. What you get is information you won’t hear anywhere else, delivered in a style that doesn’t patronise.

95bFM offers listeners a shelter from the harshness of mainstream (shit) radio. The ads are fuckin’ funny and the attitude is real. It’s the voice of the little guy or gal and the loudhailer of people who simply love good music. Give it a go. And not just once.

The Most Important Part

Like orange pith in your teeth, bFM is lodged firmly on the top floor of the former student union building. It’s run on the sounds, sweat and tantrums of volunteers (technical term: vollies), and a core full time crew. Vollies do everything from putting up banners to DJing, event promotion, news reading and show production, in return for the odd freebie. And tickets to gigs. And the opportunity to be ON THE RADIO! Come up and see our friendly front desk staff, or check out our website for a volunteer form. 95bFM is one of the best media training grounds in the country, and it’s right in your backyard… you lucky little bastards.

Welcome to the b. Come on in then.

Where to find us

Online: www.95bFM.com
In Person: Top Level, Student Union Building