Parent Spaces

  • See here for information on Parent Spaces on campus.

O lagi Atea Moana (Culture Space / C-Space)

  • Located on level 4 of the Student Union building, directly above the Common Room. C-Space has places to sit, shower facilities, a kitchenette and toilet. It’s also the home of the Auckland University Pacific Island Students’ Association (AUPISA), a parallel organisation to AUSA with its own exec, whose delegates sit on the AUSA exec as our Pacific Island Student Officers (PISO). You can usually find AUPISA and the PISOs in C-Space.

Hineahuone (Hine / Māorispace)

  • Located on level 4 of the Student Union building, directly above Womenspace. Hine has a fully-equipped kitchen (with an oven!), study area, computer and printing facilities, balcony, shower facilities, places to relax, and a toilet. It also contains the offices of Nga Tauira Maori (NTM) and the AUSA Māori Student Officers (MSOs).


  • Queerspace is AUSA’s provided community space for every student who identifies as queer. Queerspace is a great place to hang out, connect with other queer people on campus, and is a safe space away from the normal din of study. Queerspace is managed by the AUSA Queer Rights Officer. Queerspace is also a bookable space. Contact Tessa Naden for details.


  • Womenspace is directly above the travel ticket agency and New Zealand Natural, just down the walkway from the student Health Services. The Womens Rights Officers Office is the second door on the left in the Womenspace hallway. We have oodles of pamphlets, free condoms, sanitary products, lollies and a long list of contacts and community groups that we can refer you to if you’re in need of some more specialised assistance. And a hug if you need it.

Breastfeeding facilities

  • City Campus
    • Level 4, Student Centre, Engineering Building (Phone: +64 373 3599 ext 88120)
    • ParentSpace, AUSA House (if closed ask for key at reception)
    • Womenspace
  • Epsom Campus: K Block, Room 101 (Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 48544)
  • Grafton Campus: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Room 1327 (key at reception, ground floor)
  • Tāmaki Campus: Student Centre, Building 710 (key held at Student Centre)

The Todd Foundation Centre for Students with Disabilities

  • Located in the Recreation Centre, at Quad level. Access cards are arranged through the Disability Co-ordinators ( Services include computers, screen readers, text readers and a scanner; specialised equipment such as CCTV; University network and library catalogue access; individual and group study desks; coffee and tea-making facilities; a rest room with bed and easy chair; and a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

The main Halls of Residence

  • International House, 27 Whitaker Place.
  • O’Rorke Hall, 16 Mount Street.
  • Huia Residence, 110 Grafton Road.
  • Grafton Hall, 40 Seafield View Road.
  • University Hall, 30 Whitaker Place.

Places of worship

  • Muslim Prayer Space: Located in the Chemistry Building (301) basement and accessed via the external staircase in the courtyard opposite the Chemistry building. This is provided by the University, not AUSA, and available only to enrolled students. The door is card-controlled; a student’s study department can activate Prayer Space access for them; if they do not have a department card they can get one from the Student Information Centre in the Clocktower. The Prayer Space is available for private and individual use by men and women, 24/7.
  • Tāmaki Prayer Room: Located in room 311, Level 3, Building 723. Open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Any religious denomination.
  • The Maclaurin Chapel: Located at 18 Princes Street, corner of Princes Street and Waterloo Quadrant. Open Monday to Friday 9am–5pm. Anyone can use the hall for prayer, study and relaxation, and have access to the books within the theological library. The hall can also be hired for meetings or baptisms, weddings, funerals, weekly services or annual services.
  • Auckland Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy: Newman Hall, 16 Waterloo Quadrant. Open Monday to Friday 9am–5pm.