Campuspecs Optometry Grant

This grant is for students experiencing vision problems or in need of new glasses who would otherwise struggle to afford optometry services. If successful, you will be entitled to one eye examination and a pair of glasses (if required) free of charge from Campuspecs.

Eligibility & Assessment Criteria

  • You must be a University of Auckland student
  • Your application will be assessed by the AUSA Welfare Committee on:
    • Your financial situation
    • Your need for optometry services

The Process

  • Fill out this form, and provide any supporting evidence you think is relevant to demonstrate your financial hardship. Please ensure your answers are as detailed as possible in order to limit delays in the process.
  • If possible, please attach any evidence of vision issues (e.g. a letter from your tutor/lecturer, documentation from the AA or a previous optometrist etc.)
  • Your application will be assessed by the AUSA Welfare Committee, and you will generally be notified within 48 hours of the decision by email.
  • If successful, you will be able to collect a Campuspecs letter from AUSA Reception. This letter will entitle you to one complimentary eye examination and one pair of glasses if required.

For help or more information, please contact:

AUSA Welfare Vice President, Old Choral Hall G11,

Campuspecs Optometry Grant Application Form

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Supporting Documentation

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I understand that the decision of the AUSA Welfare Committee is final.